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With Your Heart

Do not be afraid,” Samuel replied. “You have done all this evil; yet do not turn away from the Lord [do not stop following Him], but serve the Lord with all your heart." [1Samuel 12:20]


I marvel at this love that God has for us. The mercy He shows his children, even in our wanton disobedience. That, when we reject him outright, removing the robes that distinguish us from other nations, He is still merciful, still loving to say “do not turn away from me; serve me with all your heart. I have chosen you; it pleases me to make you my own.”

God’s love is too deep. It’s hard to capture in words this love that, even when you do wickedly before Him, in his mercy He still calls you and says don’t turn away from me, don’t stop following me; this love that assures you that He will not abandon you because He has chosen you and delights in you.  That despite what you have done, He is still committed, and will remain faithful. 


One thing that stands out for me in the subsequent verses [and about God in general], is that He gives you a choice. His love is not controlling; in its fierceness, He makes room for you to exercise your liberty. And when you choose Him, He provides you the help you need, and the people you need to teach you the good and the right way. And it’s something that I always have to remember: Our hearts are weak, and desperately wicked, and are inclined to do evil in every way, (and God knows this) and so He has people he has raised, and is still raising, who although not perfect, he has qualified to mentor, to support, to teach you the good and right way. And their teachings and guidance will lead you to be strong and have strength of heart, that after that process, your feet will begin to naturally walk toward the things of God. And one day you also will be among those God chooses to draw others from darkness, and teach them what is good, and what is right. 


Not to mention, it’s getting harder and harder to walk in righteousness and holiness and in the fear of the Lord. But wherever you fall short, do not let it be the reason why you stop your pursuit of Christ. Follow him anyway, and be intentional with it. Serve the Lord with all your heart. Don’t just coast superficially.  The prophet of God (Samuel) implores the Israelites to serve God in truth with all [their] heart. Serve. Show up.  Be active. Be in the service of the Lord.  Serving is a sacrifice and it is not easy. You’ll encounter people who are ungrateful, rude, belligerent, who make you feel like you are worthless, incapable, unqualified; who will draw your heart away from doing the work God has given you.  But do not let it draw you away.


When you choose God, choose Him everyday. Choose him when you mess up. Choose Him when you do well. Choose Him continually. And day by day He will help you, for he cares deeply for you. 


  1. Love this Chenai, such a great reminder that we should be in constant pursuit of God.


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