Hi, my name is Chenai Mbanga! Welcome to my blog! I write to encourage, inspire and empower you in growing in your spiritual life through reflections and prose. I have been writing on this blog for 5 years now, and it has been a journey! Join me as I continue my journey toward self-actualizing.❤


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    Hindsight is my first book! Read about where the idea came from, why I think it’s important, and how it’s the book that led to self-actualization.♡
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    I’m the founder and owner of amazing plant based hair and body butter! Transform your hair and skin with our natural plant butters and oils!♡
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    My girls and I are podcasters, speaking on life, adulting, and the socio-political challenges that we see and face as young black women in today’s society. Check out our podcast!♡
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Latest Posts

Doubting Moments

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  |John 8:32| ** I don’t suppose you’ll tell me the truth? I may be wrong for assuming that you are lying, but I sincerely don’t know if you are not. I’ve been asked, What reason would there be for such a lie ? But liars don’t need a reason. And liars don’t …

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Breach   ·         an act of breaking a law, promise, agreement, or relationship ·         a hole that is made in a wall or in another structure being used for protection to make an opening in a wall or fence, especially in order to attack someone or someone behind it.  *** Have you ever thought about that? What kin…


Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses" Proverbs 27:6  ** I don’t normally find it “hard” to speak the truth to someone. I don’t mean that in a let-me-tell-this-person-about-themselves- truth.     But I mean in the sense if I have a concern and I feel it’s something that I should bri…

Show Me

Sometimes you make mistakes. Grave mistakes. Mistakes that when you look back, you cringe, and you look in the mirror, and you say to your reflection, “That’s not you.’ And you peer into the eyes staring back at you, and you ask, “What happened? You would never do that! I know you, and that wasn’t you.” And from tim…

Hindsight- Go Back

Sometimes, your fervent feelings and emotions build in you an expectation to possess something that your Spirit was not assigned - Chapter 1, Hindsight This isn’t the same as pursuing something that you know is for you and you’re overcoming hurdles.This is essentially pursing something but you ought to be doing so…