Hi, my name is Chenai Mbanga! Welcome to my blog! I write to encourage, inspire and empower you in growing in your spiritual life through reflections and prose. I have been writing on this blog for 5 years now, and it has been a journey! Join me as I continue my journey toward self-actualizing.❤


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    Hindsight is my first book! Read about where the idea came from, why I think it’s important, and how it’s the book that led to self-actualization.♡
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I observed her get out of her car, walk around it, and stand in front of her drive way. Her shoulders dropped. The driveway was spray-painted a sickly red that dried orangey-red. The flowers she had planted were uprooted, hacked and strewn across the small lawn, with the dirt decorating the spots that the spray p…

There's A Kind of Love Called Letting Go

I miss you. I don’t know why this feeling is very strong today, but I just thought I would let you know. I suppose I could just tell you myself directly, but I know you won’t hear me. What I mean is, you will hear the words, but you won’t hear all that I am not saying with those words; the things that I can’t a…