Looking Back


Often I look back to the past and cringe at mistakes, failures, and overall terrible decisions, knowing that I could have and should have done better.  And I look at it and spend too much time in the past, wondering “what if”… But lately I have revisited the past purposefully; practising Sankofa, extracting wisdom from the past in order to plan for the future.  And in combing through the past I see areas where my thoughts were not healthy; where I permitted fear to choke my faith, and where I have grown and done well. Hindsight is a funny thing; It gives God-like clarity (after the fact), and I wish I could have that perspective all the time.  Or atleast listen to myself when I do. It isn’t easy coming face to face with my character flaws but I’m glad that I no longer have to be locked in a never-ending cycle of chaos of my own doing.  


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