Hi, my name is Chenai Mbanga! Welcome to my blog! I write to encourage, inspire and empower you in growing in your spiritual life through reflections and prose. I have been writing on this blog for 5 years now, and it has been a journey! Join me as I continue my journey toward self-actualizing.❤


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Woman, Thou Art Loosed

You are a woman but the girl in you clings tightly.
She doesn’t want to let go. She feels as though she has lived in fright for so long that she is coming out now, demanding to explore but still trembling with fear of the unknown. She is both bold and insecure. Curious, naive....

She is fighting you.

The woman in you is subdued by the girl you never were. She wants safety, passion, freedom. But she is both adventurous and afraid. She wants to take steps when she feels safe. But she has not felt safe in a long time. There is nothing safe about life. And your life has been a mission, a stumbling of through insecurity in search of security and finding none.
And the girl in you is frightened and curious.
And the woman in you cannot subdue her.

The woman in you comes out from time to time but the frightened, sometimes unruly child jumps out and overwhelms her. And you both become overwhelmed
Love the girl in you. Make her safe. Tell her she will be ok. Allow her to explore, to admire. Care for her. Indulge her from time to time. Take her out. Don’t say no. Don’t darken her hopes and aspirations. Affirm her longings. Don’t frighten her with the impracticalities of her fantasies. Let her grow, un -burdened, unafraid of doing wrong, equipped for failure.  Let every desire in her burst forth; give her tools to bring it to pass. Support her dreams, her needs. Her desires are not burdens. Her needs are not an annoyance. Indulging your dreams and plans is not her calling. Let her find freedom in herself, her aspirations. She wants to do everything and be everything. Let her choose; teach her discipline. Let her care for this fledgling thing she desires. Encourage her every step of the way. 

Do not clip her wings and add pounds of weight for troubles she cannot understand, troubles that began before her time, troubles you failed to subdue. 
Let the girl in you run free to be who she desires.
And she will transform into the woman you ought to be.