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Wake Up, Sleeper


Well, no wonder! Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light!” 



It’s amazing the things that you don’t know until your eyes are opened. I think being a spiritual person, one can forget that this world we inhabit is not ordinary. We are not ordinary, and there are people who are aware and far more in tune with the spirit than even spiritual people. The closer and closer you inch to this reality, and God is opening your eyes, the more you want to be still. You pay attention, you listen. You pray differently. You’ve heard and you know that what you see in reality has already taken place in the spirit, but now you understand. Now, you become sensitive to everything. You must be extra careful with people now—the ones you share a bloodline with, the ones you’ve chosen, the ones you’re acquainted with, the stranger. Because as much as you now know that you are not ordinary, understand too, that they are not ordinary. They, too, have associations that you may or may not know about, that may directly or indirectly affect you.  They are influenced by something or someone. They, too, have a stake in something, or someone has a stake in them. 


I told God I need revelation about people. Because we are not always what we seem. Things are not always what they appear to be. 


I am reminded of an anime that I used to watch: Inuyasha, the half human, half dog-demon on a quest to become a full demon. Him and his crew would fight other “evil” demons. And some of these demons either possessed humans, or took on a human form, or a benevolent disguise. Unless one had spiritual powers, most humans were either under demonic manipulation and had no idea. They’d go about their lives, unaware that they were serving a demon and being manipulated by it. And only because some abnormal things were happening in a village or town, Inuyasha and his crew would end up revealing that it was a demon causing the destruction. The humans around, superstitious as they were, some though spiritual, still could not discern the truth. And once Inuyasha fought them, in the midst of the battle, the true form of the “evil” demon or the evil spirit would manifest, and he’d be able to kill it. 

 And I’ve been that person. Spiritual, yet undiscerning. Lacking understanding.

I’ve held mixed feelings towards God recently. How can you allow me to walk about with my eyes opened, my discernment budding, yes, but still blind. So blind. How could I walk about oblivious, unsuspecting, ignorant, insensitive, unconscious, naked! It’s not everyone who passes the vibe check, especially the ones who, under normal circumstances pass.  Always so quick to say yes to a drink, food, a gift, a sleepover, a hug, an invite, completely oblivious to the spirit that we are yoking with. 

But consider the example I just shared about Inuyasha. Most of the humans in these villages, discerned a demonic force, used their sage, or sutras, to ward off demons, but it was never strong enough to keep them away altogether. And a village could be under demonic strong holds for generations. There had to be a power greater than the power of their ritualistic prayers and sacrifices to destroy the strong hold and liberate them.


For those of us who believe in Jesus, we must be sober and vigilant.  Intentional. Careful. The just shall live by faith, yes. Yet we must strive to be sensitive to God the Spirit, our Helper, the One who reveals all things, who heightens our discernment about people, places, things, and who directs our steps so we know who to draw close, who to keep at arm’s length, what to accept, what to reject, and how to navigate with wisdom in the areas that certain services or interactions are unavoidable. 


Things are not what they seem at all. There is more than what meets the eye. There are things in this world that cannot be explained by the normal channels of human wisdom, philosophy or science. It can’t be measured or quantified.  The world that we inhabit is not ordinary. The people that we interact with are not ordinary. You are not ordinary.


Nobody is impervious to spirits. But you can build yourself up to be impenetrable. I think if we knew the truth of the people we interact with, we’d be less keen to engage at some levels that we do with folks. I’m not saying be paranoid about your family, friends, colleagues, partner. I’m saying ask God for wisdom, discernment, and understanding so that you know the truth. Don’t speculate the truth. Don’t assume. Don’t be in paranoia of it. Know it certainly.


There is a power that liberates, and liberates completely. There is a power that opens your eyes. And there is another one that gives you illusion of liberty while enslaving you further. It makes you believe your eyes are being opened, while plunging you into deeper darkness.


All this to say: wake up, sleeper.