Slowly Becoming



who you are.

is not what you are doing.

what you are doing



someone else.


|salt, nayyirah waheed|


For the longest time, I was asking myself, if I am being someone else, then who am I? And it triggered a journey that is peeling away fear and confusion. I’m like a camera lens coming into focus. I’m embracing the fact that I, too, am an architect, co-designing, and developing my life, in the process of becoming what I and the builder envision. 


Day by day, little by little, I am designing my life intentionally, being reminded to design and build authentically, and shed the skin of being someone else. 


Reading some of this poetry has unveiled within me my own poetry that I have titled Hindsight. And I am excited to share it with you.  In writing Hindsight, I learned that I must change my perspective of who I am. I am a strong, fortified city, whose architect and builder is God. I am no longer groping in the dark, being someone else. I am finally on the right path, becoming the woman I am supposed to be.

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