Don't Give Up



Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.  |Alexander Graham Bell|


This too shall pass. This storm won't stay forever. It'll cease. And the air will clear and the fright will dissipate. It'll pass. And every tear cried will not go unanswered. Let this confirm for you and to you that you ought to focus, let go of all other distractions and do what is most important.  Revisit your goals and expectations for the year. Reflect on them, and do not allow anything contrary to them steal your attention. Revisit your goals and reflect on them. Let them take root in your mind and heart and do not entertain anything contrary to them. Do not give anything room to distract you. Do not give yourself room to be distracted. What is most important to you? Go back to that ambitious girl, the one who saw herself independent, hardworking, enjoying her life, carefree. You've pushed aside that girl for other matters. You have to let go of the other things and pursue the girl that you wanted to be. Embrace her fully and do not let her go. Do not let her go! Do not relinquish her for anything, or for anyone. Protect her. Guard her. Be tunnel-visioned. Do not look to what your heart desires but doesn't have. Focus on what's in front of you; focus and everything else will fall into place. And even if you don't get what you desire, you will have what you need and it'll allow you to pursue better things. It'll give you access into other avenues and you'll create new desires that'll add fulfillment. But you need to focus. Be tunnel-visioned. Keep doing the work. Keeping putting in the time. You'll find what you need, and you'll get to where you need to be.


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