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Heart Work

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. 
|Song of Solomon 2:15|
You are tending to a garden. You left the gate open. The foxes came and spoiled the grapes. Well, they certainly went into the rose bed and made a mess. You have to start cleaning up again. Clean up the dirt that was left; fix the plants that got trampled on. The damage isn’t too bad. Take a breath, it’s ok. What you must learn from this experience is that you have points of vulnerability. There are things that weaken your resolve and cause you to act against your own interest. It’s ok. It is good to recognize this, to see where you falter. What is of greatest importance is to re-establish your commitments. 
Your garden is precious, you are doing a great job. There is still much work to be done, but well done for doing the work. I know that it isn’t easy; I know that there are more frustrating days than there are wonderful days, but if you keep pushing, I know you will have this garden thriving. Already, the soil is good ground for things to grow. It’s still a little acidic but it is getting better. I’m proud of you.
Don’t agree to anything until the chief question has been answered and established. And you know what that is. You are intuitive. It has never let you down. Read the signs. Decipher the vibes. Allow yourself to be quiet and hear the answer that may not be revealed or said.
Protect the garden no matter what. You now know where the breach is, where the vulnerabilities are.  Clean up the garden. Let go of any guilt or memories and begin tending to the garden once more.
                                                              ~Chenai Mbanga~
pic from insta: @afrovulto