"Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you. May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry." |Psalm 88:1-2|
You call me out into the deep. I step out in faith and I’m surrounded by a shark that bares its teeth and promises to destroy me if I so much as falter in my step. I stand and wait. I’m standing in the middle of an ocean looking for You to reassure me. You do, but I am experiencing an assault unimaginable. Surely this isn’t of you. The blessings of the lord make rich and add no sorrow with it. I am in sorrow every other moment, confused, wondering why this thing should taste so incredibly bitter. 
Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?
You have to pray. I must pray. Draw away from the noise, the confusion, and seek God. Repent. Be filled with him because he is the only consistent, honest, true thing in my life. Words of wisdom pour from many vessels yet my heart is not settled. 
Wait for God’s best; it’ll be sweet to taste, nothing bitter, nothing lacking, nothing broken.
 I struggle to make sense of these broken pieces handed to me, consistently cutting me, leaving me weary, often disillusioned. 
The Spirit of the Lord reaches places that my flesh, in my understanding, cannot.
 Pray, because surely this challenge is not without reason. 
Pray, because His grace is sufficient. His power is made perfect in weakness. 


Photo credit: @afroellemag

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