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Latest Posts

Help My Unbelief

How do you do it?

 How do you trust God when the promise both excites and frightens you?

How do you become fully convinced that this is what God wants for you whilst also keeping the doubt from communing and consuming your belief,  mocking the assurance of His word? How do you protect your faith from an assault by reason, common sense, facts?
Every question I ask is like a tectonic shift that wrecks havoc on my mind and harasses me for days to come.
 The bible says that when God promised Abraham that he’d be the father of many nations, Abraham did not consider the deadness of Sarah’s womb nor the age of his body, but believed God and was fully convinced that He could do it (Romans 4:19-20).
I am struggling with not considering. Not considering how it doesn’t make sense. How it is beyond the realm of reason and sense.
I suppose when I consider why it can’t happen, I am assuming that the reasons are greater than what God is able to do. And now I am questioning God’s ability.                                                                                                           ~~~~~~~~~
The how isn’t important. Remember that He who promised is able.  You began this journey because you believed. Continue to believe. Do not consider the impossibility of the situation. God is aware, and still promises that He is able. Trust that he is able to fulfill that which he promised.
Follow the example of Abraham. Do not look at the impossible—do not analyze it, or think on it. But instead, think and meditate on the power, might, and ability of your God, of the one who spoke the world into existence with a word, and holds the heart of man in His hands. Consider the one who is able, and draw your strength from him! He is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent. What he said he will do, he will do. Trust him.

                                        "Lord, I believe; Help my unbelief "    |Mark 9: 24|