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Time Keeper

Teach me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom |Psalm 90: 12|
When you live as though you have no control over your life, you're apt to be tossed here and there by things around you; especially by things that are within your control. Life’s challenges become insurmountable; your day-to-day becomes dreary and the weight of it keeps you from trying. All you see is what isn’t right, but the strength to fix it isn’t there. I’ve been feeling like this for a while now. I’m not sure when I stumbled into this unproductive, everything-sucks space; I didn’t start off the year like this. I didn’t start the month like this! And I look now, and I’m flabbergasted, not only by how much time has passed, but how chaotic certain aspects of my life have become. 

But after speaking to a friend, I realized the solution is right in front of me. But the strength, motivation, and focus to implement isn’t there. It’s not there because I am not being accountable; I’m too lax in my boundaries, and I’m not guarding my time appropriately. The things that are within my realm of control and influence I’m perceiving them as though they are not. I am in control of how I’ll spend my time, and what I do with it. How others may respond to how I choose to guard my time should not be the main priority. 

This is an area of great struggle for me, time management. I start off well and am always drawn back when I am on the road to progress. But my prayer has been, Lord, help me guard my time. Help me stick to the boundaries I set concerning how I spend my time, my money; and what I choose to commit to. Help me not be frivolous with what you have given me to steward. Help me to remain disciplined. 

I have ample resources to help me with my goals, Google being number 1, and Youtube a close second. With my finances, it’s about going back to following a budget; my time: blotting out various segments to do and complete the priorities of the day. 

When unexpected occurrences happen, it is better to have system to fall back on to help you navigate the challenge, rather than get lost and driven to whichever way your circumstances dictate. Be proactive to challenges, not reactive. It’s easy to get discouraged. Admittedly, I was feeling quite discouraged myself, but it’s an easy but challenging fix. One that will be accomplished one dime, one hour at a time. 

How have you overcome time/money management challenges?