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Freedom On the Horizon

There will come a generation that will have nothing to lose.
 They will know their power and will set themselves free.
They will use their power to take back what belongs to them.
They will have justice; not because they ask for it.
They will take back what belongs to them…what has been stolen.
They will protest.
They will boycott.
They will close down their mines of gold, of diamond, of copper, of silver.
 Their mouths will not bless their oppressor, but will scream of injustice.
Their eyes will not be sorrowful, but hard. 
They will unveil the wolf behind the lamb.
Their minds will be steadfast, focused.
Their drive will rise from the sufferings of their forefathers: brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles who paved roads; whose blood and tears erected buildings that the enemy tore down.
Only justice and equality and freedom will heal them.
Bullets will fly but will not kill them, for the more the enemy tries to kill the more soldiers will rise.
They will flood the streets.
This generation of men and women will know their worth and will not sell their inheritance for food.
for shelter.
for clothing.
Not anymore.
They shall starve their cities and their towns in pursuit of their inheritance.
A famine will rise; and drought will come.
Freedom will feed them.
Justice will clothe them.
Equality will shelter them.

They will be a generation with nothing to lose.


  1. Amen to THIS!
    This is for racist school policies, misogynistic labour norms, tyrannical and unproductive regimes, systems designed to stiffle and kill black potential and aboriginal greatness... enough has been enough!
    This is an inspiring piece Chenai!


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