I dreamt a strange dream today. I walked into this pavilion that had a Japanese style house. I walked into a room, and the floor was dry. I had this feeling that I  was supposed to be there for an all-night prayer or some type of prayers. I remember the room suddenly filling up with water, like a flood.  I remember I just sat there as the water began filling up. I don't recall being alarmed that this was happening. Certainly I found it strange that the room was now filling up with water.  Anyway, as I sat there, the waves started pulling me forward, and rolling. They'd literally roll and push and pull in front of me. I remember not being concerned about drowning. I recall as the waves were pulling me forward, that I was became happy because I was finally moving forward [in my life]. I remember a voice speaking, saying something that I can't remember, and I responded saying that I would not be afraid, that I could walk on the water; I wouldn't doubt like Peter did. And I began to rise of out of the water as though to demonstrate this belief. But before I could really pull my feet out of the water to walk on it, suddenly the waves started pushing me back furiously. They pushed me back, and as I was being pulled back I crossed some sort of point where I became aware that I was farther back from where I had started; that I was failing. I remember thinking that it was ok because God would sort it out.  I don't know if it happened "suddenly" but the room disappeared and I was in an ocean. The water pushed me upwards into the sky. I kept soaring, going higher and higher. I kept going until I thought I was going to reach heaven, and then I suddenly began falling. Usually when I have dreams that I am falling, I'm anxious and scared, and the height from where I was falling in this dream was deadly, but I was unbelievably calm! I reached the ground without any impact.  I was back in the room, and I walked out soon after. There was a lineup of black people entering another building similar to the one I had been in. I walked along the path around back and went to the parking lot to my car.


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  1. Love this, that's my girl! Keep them coming

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